Sunday, April 4, 2010

Turkey's daily's are getting wild over Easter

Yep, it is Easter weekend in Turkey and the Turkish English Daily’s did their utmost best to get some attention. Maybe it was just coincidence but the Hürriyet Daily News opened today with the heading that ''Islam is 'more empowering' for women than Catholicism, a Spanish convert says''. Voila, we forget the role the average woman has to play in Muslem societies, including my Turkey. The author of this article had or a blackout from JC or is simple not able to make a sensitive article during egg-eating Christmas.

More serious it is when a Turkish Islam scholar, in an op-ed explain why the fatwa, which was ordained some 600 years ago in now called Turkey writes that this fatwa cannot be abrogated. The guys also believes that every Muslim has a duty to do whatever it takes to establish and sustain the “peace of Islam.” According to Islam, war is not waged to seize other people’s lands or to force people to accept Islam; instead, war is carried out to ensure justice, peace and freedom in every part of the world…(Islamization?) Pronto!

Good to know that our good friend Mustafa Akyol lightened up my day with his excellent column about the early days of Kemalism. Even the arch conservative Yusuf Kanli sometimes cannot take it anymore: how can we as country be democratic if our parties are not democratic, let alone the society at large! Enfin: below is Mustafa’s article again. The other links? You can destroy them together with the Pope’s appearance in his Vatican of today.

From Mustafa' article where he recites the ideas of some leading figures in Atatürk's government:

“It is my firm opinion… that the lords of this country are the Turks. Those who are not real Turks have only one right in the Turkish fatherland, and that is the right to be servants and slaves.”
For me, a Turk has more value than all the Jews of this world, not to say the whole world,”
It's all herrrreeee

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But you know what they say, science goes only so far and then comes God.
So, be prepared for the unexpected.

Day Opening - April 4

Happy Easter!