Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dutch Pirate Party

The Dutch Pirate Party, see logo below, which is affiliated to Pirate Parties International (PPI), the umbrella organization of the international Pirate Party movement, wants to participate in the Dutch elections on 9 July. This was confirmed by its spokesperson Robbie Hontelé on the website on Sunday. The party focuses mainly on digital copyright issues. They would like to limit copyright, do away with software patents and legalise home copies. The programme of the Dutch Pirate party hasn’t been published, nor have they elected a party leader. The Pirate Party movement obtained two seats in the European parliament last year and participated in the national elections of Germany and Sweden. And I'm sure that a sister party here in Turkey will do well!
And next to the Party for the Animals, this party has only one thema in their election campaign: free the pirates.
To be able to participate in the Dutch elections the party will have to collect 12,000 euros and obtain thirty declarations of support in each of the nineteen electoral districts.

Day Opening - March 8