Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turkey's State Minister on Homosexuality

The president of Iran once said: 'we don't have homosexuals in Iran'. The Minister of State in Turkey, Aliye Kavaf, says: “I believe homosexuality is a biological disorder, a disease,” and “I believe [homosexuality] is something that needs to be treated''

And take into account her remarks about the violent and pure racist TV soap ‘Kurtlar Vadisi’ (The Valley of Wolves) which caused a diplomatic row between Israel and Turkey since it's also anti-semitic: ''I do not know if it is wrong or right, but the messages offered in the show attract my attention,” she said.
For your information ''Kurtlar Vadisi” is a popular soap opera in Turkey about mafia and “deep state” affairs in which scenes of murder and torture are common, especially portraying Jews and Christians as evil!

Now I am curious what kind of treatment this moron has in mind to 'heal' homosexuals? Death march to Syria to prove that you are Man enough to cope with the walking distance? I bet she has some solutions how to deal with the remaining 2.000 Greeks and 60.000 Armenians in Turkey... that century old plan is still not fullfilled!

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