Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turkey kicked out of Euro soccer

Turkey's top soccer teams are the mobs of Fenerbahçe and the Gentlemen of Galatasaray. However, it is known by the fans of Galatasaray that all Turks are born Galatasaray fans and die Fenerbahçe fans; it is sometimes due to mental problems that they suddenly start supporting one of the other teams. During the past few years, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray have alternated between the top two spots in the Turkish soccer league. However, there is a conspiracy that a third team, supported by male truck drivers with big-mustaches, exists as well. This team, known to these people as Beşiktaş, has shaken the the overall ranks of the Turkish soccer league. A common example of a Beşiktaş player is Rüştü, the man who proved himself incapable of saving goals and proved himself able to drag the Turkish national soccer team to defeat in Euro 2008. On the other hand, back when Rüştü was part of Fenerbahçe in 2002, his mastery of saving goals made many consider him the main reason for the 3rd place Turkish victory.
However, since both Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are now under control by foreigners, they might have a chance to dig in deep shit in their opponents of EURO 2012  - somewhere in the rural areas of a former colony Ukraine - Germany and Austria are planning to kick Turkey out of Europe forever.
And of course, the yabanchi's in Istanbul will be blamed for that. Take notice about this posting Bey's!
See Ya in 2012!

Fenerbahce, here we come!

A typical Fenerbahce fan!

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