Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You thing this is bad? This ain't so bad

It's that cosmic time in the universe again, boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, Tuesday after lunch, and your mission, should you choose to ignore other less important tasks in your meaningless lives, is to leave a comment here or at Internation Musings with your list of the ten most important things that 9/11 changed from among all the millions and billions of things that changed everything implies.

What??? You don't think that 9/11 changed everything? What are you, terrorists?

And you don't get credit for suggesting that everyone now knows that the CIA assassinated the father of famed Chilean novelist Isabel Allende on that day in 1973, inspiring generations of freedom fighters around the world to conduct and accomplish missions on that date to commemorate one father of South American literature.

Oh, when will we have a day to remember Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Whoever the fuck he is. Sounds like some dipshit needs to be subjected to extreme interrogation methods, if you ask me. Depending on where you live, you can quote me on that. Or not.

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