Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Answer on religion

I am more than only stardust, I am from the stars and can see myself reflected in the overwhelming love the eternity we're living in.

Amsterdam, the International city

Amsterdam had the honour of welcoming over 100 foreign companies last year, according to the Amsterdam city authorties. Eighteen of these businesses have even made the Dutch capital their European headquarters. The newly arrived enterprises, 105 in total, have created 12,055 jobs.

The city is now home to 19,000 international firms, and nearly 17 percent of all workers in the Amsterdam area are employed by an international company.
Most new companies are technology firms. Other sectors well represented amongst the newcomers are creative enterprises and business service companies.
More than 10% of the citizens of Amsterdam are native English speaking people.
(no election posters in English yet in la Hollanda)

Day Opening - February 23