Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holland; time for a new government!

Today we had, several Dutchies in Istanbul, a discussion about what happened last night in the Netherlands; the collapse of the Dutch government. Personally I think this is the right choice since many people are unhappy how the Netherlands is governed under Balkenende. And yes new elections means probably also a new government aka a new coalition. Some here in Turkey opted for a strong left wing government, others for a right wing one. My opinion? Simple, get rid of the Christian Democrats since religion must stay out of politics. That’s the first move to make and the second one is to minimalize – not to small since we need them - the PvdA (Labor Party) since they are not a Labor party anymore. They like to create 1000 and 1 little polit buro’s and love to spent money what other people earn. So, I opted for a D66 (social liberals - my party since 1977), VVD (conservative liberals) and the PvdA. With D66 and PvdA you don’t alienate yourself from large groups of the society and with the VVD you can satisfy the other part of the society and guarantees you that the street terrorists of mainly Moroc origin get busted (and I don’t give a dam shit if they are Muslims or not). And with the VVD you keep the right wing PVV out the government and maybe in the near future no reason to exist anymore. These three parties worked perfectly together between 1994 – 2002. Why not now?

Day Opening - February 20

All and all the dry worlds lever,
Stage of the ice, the solid ocean,
All from the oil, the pound of lava.

All of the flesh, the dry worlds lever.

-Dylan Thomas