Saturday, February 13, 2010

The world according Soner Çağaptay - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote something about Mr. Soner his idiotry. Today I will go in detail. Part 2 of the Love story between Mr. Soner and Hans Bey.

MR. Soner: European secularism, or laïcité, practiced in France and other European countries, is distinct from American secularism. While the United States is secular, providing for freedom of religion in education and politics, European societies are laïque, providing for freedom from religion in education and politics.

Hans Bey: Two faults Herr Soner and one very disturbing conclusion. Laïcité is only practiced in France, Brazil and someway, somehow in Belgium. It’s not written down in any constitution of one of the European states. That’s the first mistake. The second one is that America is secular. That’s not true. You will find God’s word on every USA coin, banknote and in every USA institution you can find: ‘In God we Trust!’ And that’s not Allah. And that doesn’t sound laiscism to me. Your conclusion that Europeans are laique is because your bad understand of the  French language. Laïque means: no interference of the state in religion and no interference of religion in state affairs and that happens in most European states. And each country to a certain degree are facilitators, not providers of religion in education and politics. I think that you simple missed the Greco-Roman tradition (always asking why, how, what) of the European educational system with your egocentric statistic Turkish vision of the world. You project your view on 500 million of people if they are idiots. I think you are.

MR Soner: Secularism, however, is not a standardized concept and varies from country to country. Turkey presents an example of such secular variation within Europe. Today, as European countries struggle to delineate the boundaries between Islam, education and politics, Turkey’s distinct brand of secularism is attracting a lot of attention. In fact, it is fast becoming Turkey’s newest export to Europe.

Hans Bey:  the State of Turkey interferes in religious education and the Turkish religion (Muslim) interferes in Turkish politics. How can you explain why Turkey holds the seat of Secretary General of The OIC, the Organization of Islamic countries? And based its foreign policy upon the ‘brotherhood’ between those members such as Iran, Sudan, RSA and other notorious violators of the human rights? Turkey’s concept of secularism, or rather Your concept of Turkish secularism is not wanted in Europe: the Diyanet is not wanted since it’s a Turkish state institution which wants to control each and every citizen in Europe which has 1% Turkish blood in their veins to secure that they will be good Muslims. I call this religious racism Mr. Soner!

Tomorrow more.

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