Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fat passengers in Fat planes....

The Dutch national airline KLM, these days part of KLM-Air France, has recently decided to charge obese passengers for an extra seat, albeit at a 25 percent discount. A KLM spokesperson looked on the bright side: “It’s great, isn’t it? Now they are sure to get a seat.” However, “the fatties themselves are really furious”. One of the ‘fatties’ in question, Jos Blik, from Amsterdam, who weighs in at an ample 200 kilos, envisages embarrassing discussions between obese passengers and cabin crew about whether they are they actually too big to fit in one seat. “It’s already so embarrassing. This is just another case of adding insult to injury”.

KLM says that in the past, there have been instances where it was unable to seat a passenger because they were too big for one seat, while a second was not available. The new policy reportedly guarantees that obese passengers will be able to actually reach their destination. However, Mieke van Spanje, the chair of the Obesitas Association, does not see it that way. She calls the policy “unethical” and “Hopefully a very early April Fools Day joke”. Ms Van Spanje says airlines should have two seats for obese people on every jetliner. “Because they are now making their problem our problem”.

The Dutch Socialist Party MP Emile Roemer supports her point of view: “Do midgets get a short-people discount when two can fit in one seat? Do pregnant women have to pay extra? No, of course not. It proves this is a clear case of discrimination”. His party has demanded the transport and public health ministers find out whether the new KLM policy violates European aviation regulations...
What do you think? I love to have 3 seats on my own! Once they put me in a 'middle seat' which means that I felt like a sardine...but I didn't file a law suit. Discrimination?...hmmmm

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