Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voting makes you stupid

Just kidding. Voting simply reinforces genetic stupidity that has been identified in human DNA and is one of the key reasons that the Bush administration was dead-set against steam room (or was it stem cell) research because Fubar and Insignificant Dick Cheney feared that stupidity would eventually be bred out of humanity, leading to peace, love, and understanding.

Did I really just write that? Of course not. I wrote it much later and then copied it and came back here to paste it. Time and space are like that. You can do whatever you want with them and they won't complain. People, on the other hand, complain about every goddamn thing. Take me. Please.

Once again it is Tuesday after lunch, that cosmic time in the universe when everyone can see without glasses and hear without idiot-assisted commentators. And smell. God damn that smell.

I realize some people think that democracy is a step up the evolutionary ladder from slime mold, but I've always viewed the act of voting as a form of self-abuse that doesn't even engender the slightest pleasurable shudder in the loins. Voting is an unnatural act designed to debase human beings and have them genuflect before the altar of supreme secular stupidity.

I don't need you to be the boss of me, and I surely don't need whoever you voted for. Are you kidding?

I recall exactly when I decided our wonderful democratic system and its freedoms was adulterated horse exhaust. This was long before George W. Bush became the world's most powerful developmentally disabled little Eichmann on the planet through exercise of the rule of law or Biraq Insane Obama took over to make the world safe for the rest of the idiots.

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