Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look out Ladies, Sam is in Town:

The Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf (compare it with Hürriyet in Turkey) has tracked down fugitive people trafficker Saban Baran, otherwise known in the Netherlands as ‘the beast’. The notorious criminal escaped during family leave from a Dutch prison last September, in spite of warnings that he was likely to do a runner. He is a violent criminal who forced at least 100 women into prostitution. Now he runs a disco in, or not?!

Apparently the Dutch authorities sent a delegation to Turkey last November. Although it didn’t actually find the fugitive people trafficker, it realised there was no point in putting Baran on a most wanted list as Turkey has no extradition treaty with the Netherlands. For the Dutch this all points out how this “goes against the general public’s sense of justice”.

Sam was sentenced to eight years in prison in absentia, shortly after his disappearance. And in case some of yous need any persuasion about what a nasty piece of work he is,  prints a photo of his victims after he has beaten her up are widespread on the Internet.
Forced abortions, beaten up with baseball bets, 'branding' his 'women' with a 'B' on their bodies...the list goes on.
But no way that the Turkish authorities wants to extradit him to the Netherlands. No, he's a Turk and needs to be pampered like a Turk. Hundreds of women are hidden in women shelters. But in a country where 'Muslimhood' is more important than womens rights, he enjoy a nice and beautiful life in Antalya.
Yep, Sam is back in town although not Amsterdam but Antalya...

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