Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to be a well-behaved Rum (Official name for Turks of Greek origin)

Below a sharp article by Herkül Millas, a Turkish citizen of Greek origin and  a Political Scientist.

How to be a well-behaved Rum

*Warning! This piece of writing is meant to be ironic. It may be misleading for those not familiar with irony. (HM)

When Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew spoke recently during a visit abroad about some of his complaints in reference to life in Turkey, many people -- from state dignitaries to civilian patriotic types -- displayed reactions that ranged from “Turks cannot be thus crucified” to “Whatever it is you want to say, don’t say it in foreign lands -- say it here instead.” And when I recalled that my grandmother, who used to love cats very much, used to warn us when we were being naughty and pulling the tails of local cats “Min ta stavronete ta gatia” or “Don’t crucify those cats!” it made me think to myself, “Well, I guess we are Rums, and we start up with this crucifixion business pretty early in life!” In any case, the real point of this piece of writing is quite different. I was able to extract the necessary lesson from this incident, and now I wanted to give you readers -- as well as the few true Rum specimens (“Rum” being a term used to describe Turkish citizens of Greek ethnic origin) who may be reading this -- some pointers on how to be good Rums. Here is my list:

A wise Rum never speaks about Turkey when abroad. And of course, the wisest stance of all is to simply never mention anything that could sound to anyone like a complaint. Actually, the less you speak, the more profitable it will be for you! The real ideal here is complete silence. Even less than silence. This is also sometimes referred as “knowing your place.”

If a Rum feels he or she absolutely must speak on some topic, then one subject they could touch on would be the unfairness of the policies applied by Greece to the minorities in Western Thrace. The complaints that the minorities living in Western Thrace have about life can be mentioned.

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