Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick? Twitter your doctor...

A Dutch populistic tabloid reports that two general practitioners have opened a "virtual surgery" that utilises both Twitter and the internet. Patients report their symptoms via Twitter and doctors Bram Brandenburg and Erik Jansen tweet the diagnosis back to the ailing person. Dr Brandenburg tells the paper: "It can be anything from the flu to skin diseases - with photos - to requests for a second opinion."

Because tweets cannot be longer than 140 characters, "patients with a complicated case are given a login code and they can report their symptoms in more details on a secure website".

The National Federation of General Practitioners is not wildly enthusiastic about the move and its spokesperson tells the paper: "While we are not against utilising new technologies, we are concerned about confidentiality".
One can imagine the diagnosis: take two aspirins and tweet me in the morning!
source: RNW

Day Opening - January 7

Chain bridge in the fog, Budapest, Hungary.