Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dutch police are bad, bad drivers

The Dutch police officers are now known for their low standards of driving. In the past two years police were involved in a staggering 20,000 road accidents, resulting in 87 people injured and one killed, according to a compilation of police statistics. The vast majority of the accidents were caused by police.
Fortunately, most of the accidents did not involve other vehicles. In these cases, officers crashed into lamp posts or steered their car into a ditch.
Still, Dutch police Commissioner Jan Stikvoort denies that his men and women are particularly accident prone. "They're no road hogs," he adds. But they could do with a bit more training. And that's exactly what they're going to get. All Dutch police officers will be sent on a special training programme, including extra driving lessons and virtual testing with car simulators. “The training has already started,” Mr Stikvoort says, “and the number of accidents is going down.”
Do you accept a ticket from a officer of the Dutch traffice police in the future?


Laane said...

No, they're not accident prone. They just think that traffic rules and regulations are not for them.

As we're supposed to report the mistakes of others more and more, I think it's best we report each time a police car ignores traffic lights, drives at the wrong side of the road without being in an emergency etc etc.

Oh, and an eyesheck should not be forgotten. :)

Unknown said...

here the police even dont look at the traffic lights, they just forget a city with 15 million people..))