Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update - Happy Holidays

It’s a long time ago that I didn’t post for 5 days on a row. However, some unexpected and unwanted changes took and still takes all my energy and attention. And my planned 2 weeks holiday starting this week…farewell to it. Will be probably even busier the next weeks than the last months. One thing is good, business is really good.

While the last years Bayram was always around and within the month of December now all is already passed and looks like that Turkey is busier than ever. I left all the social unrest here in Turkey behind me and focus me on some serious possibilities and opportunities. And if you are in town and want to celebrate Christmas with a nice Christmas Party, you are welcome the 26th of December from 18.00, Just write me.

I will post some entries to coming days about events and historical events I find interesting.

And about the whole fuss of the minaret ban in Switzerland, I never so so many Christmas trees and decorations as this year in Istanbul...

Day Opening - December 17

Magic of Christmas?