Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flower design by Fatih Can

Fatih Can SARIÖZ is an industrial designer from Istanbul, Turkey who has generated a number of innovative and interesting designs; not the least of these is his ‘Flower’ design. The designer’s sculptural piece looks a bit like a mutant green tulip, but it opens to a delightful table with attached seating. Remember the tulip plays an important roled in both the Turkish and Dutch culture.

This would be a great piece for commercial establishments that want compactable tables and seating, or for individuals that want something a little different in their homes, perhaps as a poolside dining area.
Flower is a table for taking a snack or to drink coffee/tea with your working friends in breaks. It is suitable for offices, studios, or home offices. Green petals of the flower are actually chairs that eclipse the centre table. When not in use, it would wrap up and stand tall as an attraction.
Istanbul becomes slowly more important in the world of fashion and design, although still undervalued in Turkey.

Day Opening - December 8

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