Monday, October 5, 2009

More trials for Turkish journalist Mehmet Baransu

Turkey; country of prosecuted journalists and (6000 +) banned wed sites.

Mehmet Baransu, who is only doing his job properly – investigating and reporting – faces nearly 20 different court cases over articles he wrote, mainly about the military in Turkey. He’s for example accused of publishing records about the PKK raid on the Aktütün Police Station. The case begins on 18 November. Baransu: "If the General Staff spreads the news is not a crime - is it a crime if it is me who spreads it?"
It is the same as an American journalist spread some news about activities of the American Army in Iraq, not rumors, and will face a military court in the USA because he write something down what is public know. In that case most American journalist, embedded with the American army, can put on trial in the USA as the USA judiciary uses the same procedures as in Turkey.
The main Dogan newspapers, seven in total, which is under scrutiny over tax fraud accused by Treasury of Turkey and Sabah, which backs the government all the time , are both silent over this issue.
It’s obvious that there is no freedom of thought and no freedom of press in Turkey. A shame…on its path to become an EU member!

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