Sunday, September 20, 2009

(Darbe) Coup

Below you will find a link to a documentary of two friends, Elef Savas and Brian Felsen, made 10 years ago about the coups in Turkey.

As one person it so nicely stated: 'Turkish political struggle is cannabalistic', 'there are fundamentalists and fascists'.

Many well known Turkish people are interviewed in the 160 minutes long documentary.

Although made ten years ago, it will give you a good insight how some forces in Turkey are working. Elif her blog, in Turkish, is on this blog its blogroll. She lives for 15 years in the USA.

Click here to watch the movie.

Day Opening - September 20 - Happy Bayram

Wishing all the Muslims a Happy Bayram - iyi bayramlar!
(on the picture: Turkish Delight)