Thursday, August 27, 2009


More blogs are added to the chain of Internations. Just Politics of Harrison Price, a moderate conservative from SF, the USA, is an interesting blog about daily politics in the USA from an independent moderate and conservative point of view. Great to discuss there USA politics.

AskSherlock is a blog from Rick and Cher from Pittsburgh, PA. Excellent written articles. Take your time for it.

Martin in Bulgaria has another site: the Rakia Site. Don't think that only in Turkey they produce Raki...they do it in Bulgaria as well. Martin is an expat from the UK living for years in Yambol, Bulgaria. This site is now here on the blogroll of Internations as well.

Camila Roman from Roman from Lima created a site about Peru. Newsworthy information about Peru and if you want to have a nice time there, contact here. Here site is now here on Internations as one of the few touristic sites/blogs.

And last but not least, James O'Donnel's blog, the Poor Mouth, an excellent read.

Also; take a loke a Sezin her blog


Another note: lately this blog is stalked by an Anonymous commenter. Not so ‘anonymous’ anymore since I got the ISP and address of this stalker from an internet security company. In the meanwhile, this blog is on Moderation when not of the bloggers is online. This can delay the process of comments approval. But as long as this ultra nationalist Islamist Turk send his insane messages, we don’t have another choice. Sorry for the precautions.

Did you know that (5)

That the City Council of Oxford, the UK, renamed Christmas festive celebrations into 'Winter Light Festival' and has been criticised by religious leaders of all denominations!
Only the chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers in UK praised it.

Day Opening - August 27

Perito Moreno, Argentinia, by Sedat Saatcioglu