Saturday, August 15, 2009

I challenge you!

Write your own auto-biography.

But please, don't write endless pages blathering about the story of your life. It's nothing personal, but there is simply a lack of time. Do you have the time to write pages full? Who has time in this era where you buy groceries at three o'clock at night in the supermarket, where you zapp past countless channels for 24-7 entertainment and where you can fly to the other side of the world within a day? Where we keep each other updated via IM, Twitter and blogs... Where people get anxious and need treatment because they don't have their cellphone with them.

I'm getting off track. The auto-biography, yes. I do want you to write one, but one of six words. Nothing more, nothing less. But it must be consistent, a full description of who you are or how you see yourself.

Just to give you an impression:
Made plans but life happened instead (John Lennon)
Yes, you can edit this biography (Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia)

And many more since there is a book that bundled a lot.

Go out and write your memoir!

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