Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recruiting police officers in Mosques

The Dutch Police Enforcement is now allowed to recruit new police officers in mosques, especially those of foreign descent and women. Why there? Why not in churches? And why in a place where men and women are separated? The Dutch web log TheWestisTheVeryBest placed this picture on their site. The woman saying: ‘’c’com guys, there is more to see here’’

Some views of our terrace

Some Dutch friends came over last weekend for BBQ. Here O. with K. from Amsterdam.
We had our BBQ on our terrace, behind me (I took this pic) the part where we had the eat and drinking...

Earlier that evening; right in frronf of our building the beginning of our garden, which surrounds the whole building and here also our parking area. There are only 4 appartments, so enough space for cars.

Swimming pool next to our building.

Straight view from our terrace: 20 km away you see the hills of Zeraykay and just a little of the Bosphorus.

Right from us some new residential buildings. Very asymetric built, and in between some 'overnight' houses.

View to the centre left/left, a deep valley.

Just accross of our building an overnight house.

Exact view from the centre: the hills are around 25 km away. So a deep and impressive valley with thousands of lights in the evening.

Exactly a view to the left. Older buildings, Sovjet style.
All pictures made by a friend from his Ipod, only the first one made by me...

Day Opening - July 16

A walk into the light.

BadGal Sounds Off: Do you think an 11year old girl should be called a Whore ?

BadGal Sounds Off: Do you think an 11year old girl should be called a Whore ?