Monday, July 6, 2009

Human rights in Turkey, Uyghur and more

The following article/interview is an interesting one. And I will publish and highlight here one excerpt which is of vital importance for contemporary Turkey. I find the whole interview cautious and well balanced. For the rest: I miss here in the Turkish newspapers, the news about the bloody protest in China by the Uyghur people, an ethnic Turkic group.

Here an excerpt of the interview with Thomas Hammarberg, the Council of Europe's commissioner for human rights:

'Commissioner Hammarberg had some concerns about “human rights thinking” in Turkey -- the risk of the carrot and stick policy of the European Union. “There has been a push on EU negotiations but there is a risk with this carrot and stick policy. Human rights are not for pleasing the EU or Brussels. Sometimes I am not sure if the EU people define it in the best way. Human rights are good for people. People should own it. I really hope that EU discussions do not pollute human rights discussions. Doing this just to be nice to Europe? It should come from inside, because this is the right of the people. Everyone should be able to feel that we belong here and we don't have to appeal outside to protect ourselves. So I am little bit worried about the way that human rights has been defined in these discussions.”

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