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Dutch weird drugs policy

Despite its international reputation as a Mecca for legal drugs, the use or possession of weed or hash is in fact still a misdemeanour in the Netherlands. But since a 1976 revision of the Opium Law separated hard drugs (e.g. cocaine, xtc) and soft drugs (cannabis), personal use of the latter is no longer prosecuted and the cafes that sell them are tolerated as well.
In a just released report, which is in line with repressive measures already taken in recent years, the committee explicitly says it does not want to end the so-called 'gedoogbeleid' (tolerance policy), nor does it want to legalise the cannabis trade completely.
The three parties in the Dutch coalition government - Christian democrats, Labour and ChristenUnie (orthodox Christian) - agree that the present drugs policy needs to be revised. The country has seen a dramatic increase in drug tourism and exports of Dutch-grown cannabis have soared. That is not just causing problems at home, it also gives offence to other EU member states unhappy with the Dutch policy.
But the coalition parties don't see eye to eye on which direction to take. The current drugs policy is ambiguous at best: cannabis users are not prosecuted and coffee shops are licensed, but the cultivation and wholesale of cannabis are still prohibited.
Here some facts about the Dutch current cannabis policy (but the key word remais 'gedoog beleid which is barely translatable into 'tolerance policy'):

*The use, possession or sale of cannabis have never been legalised in the Netherlands. Possession and production for personal use are considered misdeameanours. However, possesion of cannabis for personal use is not prosecuted up to five grammes or five cannabis plants.
*Coffee shops are allowed to stock a maximum of 500 grammes of cannabis.
*Large-scale production, export or import of cannabis are illegal, and should always prosecuted.
*In other words: coffee shop owners can legally sell cannabis but they cannot legally buy it.

The committee suggestions:
*Limit the sale of cannabis to local users
*Experiment with legal production and supply of members-only coffee shops
*Order more research, possibly rethink distinction between soft and hard drugs
*Appoint a drug czar to coordinate all initiatives

Interesting facts to know:
Statistics actually show a decline in the number of Dutch teenagers using soft drugs, from 14 percent in 1996 to 10 percent today. Of the Dutch population between 15 and 64 less than 5 percent smokes drugs on a regular basis.

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