Monday, June 29, 2009

Bye, bye Sarah P

This is me (in the car) with our dog Sarah P.
Last year we wanted a dog and got one from the animal asylum. I’m not that quick emotional but what I saw there was horrifying: all kind of dogs, from young puppies to old dogs and many traumatized. Some were raped, other tortured, and other completely neglected. But we found a little puppy: a cute one. We took here straight to a vet. She got for weeks injections and we tried to train here. Unfortunately, after 10 months we came to the conclusion that she’s better off in a farm or a place where she can run freely the whole day. We life in the upper apartment/penthouse of a 5 floor building surrounded by a garden of around 400 sq meters. But we could not leave here there for hrs alone. Saturday we brought her to her new owner, a fireman, who will take care of her and other firemen on their work place a little outside central Istanbul. Enough green fields for her to run whenever she wants and enough attention of people who are there 24/7/365. The vet told us last week that when he first saw Sarah she was in a terrible condition and now she is healthy and happy dog. I will miss here when driving; she loves to hang out the window and flirt with the people. And she got a lot of attention since taking your dog in your car is not common here in Turkey.

Day Opening - June 29

The Hermitage dependency in Amsterdam opened its doors last Friday, June 19. Dutch queen Beatrix and Russian president Medvedev were the guests of the opening ceremony.