Friday, June 19, 2009

#20 statement

The status of the mind is like water; if you don't disturb it, it becomes clear.

-Old Tıbetian verb

Public shaming for men behaving badly in Turkey

A reality TV show is introducing Turkish viewers to a new concept: that of the loving husband.

By Bram Vermeulen in Istanbul

Candidates on the TV show Kocam size emanet learn to dance using yellow mops as imaginary dance partners.
There are many ways to get a Turkish man to show his love for his wife.
You can force him to stand in Istanbul's Taksim Square with a sign saying: "I cheated and I'm sorry." You can make him declare his love for his wife through a megaphone, on a boat, in front of a packed yacht harbour. Or you can simply make him get on his knees and say: "Honey, I love you."
All three cases were recorded by four TV cameras and broadcast to millions of Turkish viewers, enabling them to witness at first hand what a good Turkish husband looks like.

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