Monday, May 11, 2009

More misery and also now more fun

Yesterday, when we missed our flight, they booked us on a flight in the afternoon. But again bad luck; flight was delayed. Arrived in Milano airport at 6p and ın the hotel at 8pm. Why? O. her luggage was lost but found after one hour and in the meanwhile I was robbed of my wallet. Lucky me that my credit cards and pasport was not in there and that O. had all the cash. For the thief; succes with my expired driver license and some other cards you can not use in Italia...and the 30 turkish lira, buy your self an ice cream!
We missed our diner but I really enjoyed some glasses of whiskey and dinner on our hotelroom.
And if you ever want to stay in Starhotel Ritz in Milano, forget it; too expensive for too little. Maybe I'm spoiled by the Turkish super service.
Today was more fun...later.
Now diner with 85 people from 61 different countries in a chique Milanese restaurant.

to EC droppers

I''m sorry, will not be able and absolute not in the mood this week to drop every day back my cards. But when back in Istanbul next week, will start dropping fanatic again. In the meanwhile, will write my stories here. I didn't covered 'yesterday's adventure' completely yet...later.

Day Opening - May 11

"Silent Contemplation" by Pino.