Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update - new blogs added

Three other blogs are added to Internations blogroll:

Jim’s Caledonian Comment which first appeared as a live daily slot on the award winning Les Ross Breakfast Show on BRMB Radio, Birmingham, UK.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, the feature grew in terms of both its popularity and its notoriety, with cutting satire and withering abuse aimed at as many deserving victims as possible.

After years of self-imposed exile and quiet retreat while he waited for a male menopause that never happened, Caledonian Jim has now returned, refreshed and as acid as ever, to enrich your internet experience with cynical world-weary observations designed to prick the baloons of the pompous, the banal politicians, the jobsworths, the incompetent and the politically correct idiots who seem to inhabit positions of authority everywhere with ever-increasing, depressing regularity and cause us all grief. In addition, the Credit Crunch across the world has highlighted what many of us already knew : the bankers, financiers and speculators who control our lives are greedy, incompetent, arrogant, criminal and cowardly.

The second one is of a Dutch Journalist, Frederike, who writes for a dozen Dutch and international newspapers. She has a very original view on what’s going on in Turkey. Her weblog is called Journalist in Turkey.

And the third and last one is the Exaggerator, best describes as a blog which is ‘ Conveniently located @ the junction of Hilarity and Snarkyness," ‘rather snarky and silly look @ the state of the world and whatever crosses Your Correspondent's mind. (In fact, there have been some who have seen this weblog and have come out laughing rather hysterically @ what he post--an online variant on the Argentine radio show Loony Radio, as it were; the show originates from an insane asylum just outside Buenos Aires, and its off-the-wall, sometimes hysterical, rants by its inmate participants have made it a cult hit.

Day Opening - April 30

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