Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu...

...where it all started...
Lot of panicking these days, but the season related regular flu cost between 250.000 and 500.000 lives, yearly!

Interım report blames Turkish pilots for plane crash

Interim report blames pilots for Schiphol crash on February 25 in Amsterdam.

The Dutch Safety Board has produced an interim report on the crash near Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on 25 February in which nine people died. It concludes that the Turkish pilots of the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 failed to respond correctly to signals indicating there were problems with the altimeter.
Well before landing, there were warnings that the plane was descending too rapidly. The plane then accelerated, gaining height, but soon slowed down again soon afterwards. It is being presumed that the pilots manually accelerated after receiving the warning, but allowed the automatic pilot to take over flying the plane again too soon afterwards.

The Turkisk Airline Pilots association denied soon after the accident any faults made by the pilots and blamed all kind of external factors for the crash. This toroughfully created interim report comes to another conclusion. Now it's waiting upon the first conspiracy theory in this case 'against Turkish airlines'.

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