Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dutch parliament objects against radical army İmam

Dutch Deputy Defence Minister Jack de Vries is reconsidering the appointment of an imam from the Moroccan community as an army chaplain. MPs have criticised the Islamic cleric's appointment.The imam is said to have called Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende a hypocrite and to have said he was worth less than a doormat. He is also alleged to have said that Christians are still at war with the Muslim religion. Many MPs believe he is not a suitable candidate to become an army chaplain.Mr de Vries will now hold talks with the parties involved to find out whether the appointment should go ahead. The imam was due to start his new job on Thursday together with a colleague from the Turkish community, who is an active member of the Turkish Milli Gurus association, or NatıionalView! Which is highly controversial in Turkey.
The Ministry of Defence has spent five years trying to select suitable chaplains, but up to now has been hampered by disagreement between different Islamic organisations. Iim really curious what for example the Turkish militairy thinks about an army-Imam of Milli Gurus...
The Dutch army is a professinal one; militairy service is volontairy. Another problem is that Dutch citizens of Turkish descent, when choose to become Dutch soldier also mus fullfill his militairy service ın Turkey. Which is of course to ridicule for words.

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