Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dutch support total smoking ban in all, incl. their own cars

While in Turkey a smoking ban is implemented in taxi's (and not always succesful - some drivers smoke in their cars and let passengers some as well) a survey conducted by the organisers of the Dutch AutoRAI car in Amsterdam show has revealed that almost 60 percent of the Dutch support a ban on smoking in cars. Those surveyed said it was irresponsible and dangerous.

Also a 64 percent majority of the interviewees expressed support for an anti-alcohol lock on cars! It would prevent more people from driving under the influence, they said. The survey also revealed high expectations for alternative fuel for cars. Many people said they believed not just in electric cars, but also in cars powered by water and 'bio' fuels. Confidence in the continued use of petrol ranks fourth. I guess that soon all the cars in the Netherlands have an anti-alcohol lock and smoke detectors in their cars...

Day opening - March 26

Sleeping; whithout a home?
Picture made in downtown Prague
Photography by Belgin Zeytin