Sunday, March 1, 2009

Statement #8

Globalisation means; global integration of the movement of goods, capital and jobs. Deglobalisation will have a dire impact on migrants.


My little darling has a best friend. He and his buddy are very close together for just only four weeks.

Sometimes I’m a little bit jealous, because when my little darling cries. His best friend is the only one who can cheer him up!

They are real buddies.

If we are going for a walk or just taking a nap. His best friend is always on his side.
They play a lot with each other. Sometimes Arjun throws him away and most of all he just drops it.

His best friend never complains.

After four weeks of friendship, my little darling has to say farewell to his BFF.
Not because the friendship is over…..NO NO NO NO.. because his friend is quite knocked up.

No sorrow. There always a new best and better friend on the block.

This one is translucent and collapsible. The old “one” was blue and tiny.
This new friend has “size” 3 to 6 months. The old “one” 0 to 3 months.

Yes, my little darling and his soother are best buddies for life!

Creative men

Since we were 8 kilometres away from everything, we had to stay in our hotel. Not really a problem since we came here for relaxing and diving.

Everything was well organised and looked tip top. Breakfast and dinner were included, they had a free towel service and we had spacious, clean rooms. A nice bathroom, two clean beds and even a double view. On the right side was the swimming pool and the sea, on the left side the desert.

With towels, pillows and other stuff from our room the cleaning guys created things. An elephant or two swans around a hart formed lake, a cute shape of a nighty, every day they left us a little surprise.

Quite some creative guys, those Egyptian cleaners. Of course it made us wonder if they nose around the rest of our stuff. But it's better not to think about this and remind them as the artistic-with-towel guys...

Funny detail: they can't do anything alone or in a couple. Everything had to be done by at least four men. The gardens, serving, the reception, getting a towel. Even a bit of spilled water was cleaned by five men!

Migrant women in the Netherlands by Eric Beauchemin

In the wake of the Second World War, the Netherlands began inviting tens of thousands of foreigners to help rebuild the country's economy. Eventually they brought their wives and children over to this corner of northwestern Europe. Migrant women received little attention from successive Dutch governments who thought that the migrants would eventually return home. But that didn't happen.
In recent years, the issue of immigration has become a political hot potato in Holland. Right-wing politicians and some sections of Dutch society have become increasingly critical of migrants, particularly those of Turkish and Moroccan origin. The migrants are accused of not wanting to integrate in Dutch society.
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Day Opening - March 1

" Magnolia on Gold Velvet Cloth" by Martin Johnson Heade.