Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I didn’t rant about Turkish politics lately but will start with it again soon. There is so much going on at the moment in Turkey; the childish clash between a PM who obvious misuse his political power and a media mogul who turns his media outlets into propaganda tools, growing nationalism, anti-Semitism, the movie ‘Mustafa’ which upset many people (I watched it yesterday and soon will give here my opinion) the ongoing EU-Turkey disaster, and so on.
At the moment my priorities are somewhere else, but will be back soon...
I have plans to commercialise this blog, but have to get in touch with all the co-bloggers here, which will takes several weeks.
At the meanwhile, the grow of this site continues with around 350 unique visitors every day, around 450 visits and around 500 page views each day.
Also, from now on you can follow me on Twitter.

Statement #5

Worshipping the ancient Mediterranean god Moloch, and today’s liberal -progressivism, both require sacrificing children on the altar of self-centered materialism.

Day Opening - February 24

"Man Lighting Cigarette" by (my favourite) Fabian Perez.