Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Statement #2

Just as Freedom as Speech has a limit, Freedom of Religion has a limit.
There are limits in our society. And that's the way we've set society up.

Western Imperialism Part 4: Militarization of the Arctic

This is a rather interesting story that has barely been mentioned in the mainstream press, but that may have huge implications in the coming year or two... The militarization of the Arctic Circle.

Just as nearly every "hot spot" in the world seems to revolve around oil and gas supplies and pipelines, the Arctic Circle is no different. With Russia, the U.S., Canada (and therefore, London), Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland (and therefore NATO) all having a stake in the area, this has the possibility to be another front in the West vs. Russia global game. And although the article attached is 18 months old, the scenario may soon come to life.

As shipping lanes are beginning to open again in the circle, we can expect a renewed military buildup in the area, and the claims to research and production geography may go from maps on the wall to physical, military presences, and since much of the area is potentially very profitable and contested, it could get serious. Couple that with Moscow's stated warnings against any attacks on Iran (and Israel's apparent increasing plans to do so, backed by the U.S.), the manuevering for pipeline gateways in Central Asia and Pakistan, and there are plenty of pressure points to watch these days.

I'll direct you to this article by Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research. For those who aren't familiar with Chossudovsky, he's a Professor of Economics at the University of Ottowa and produces excellent research on the reasons for, and ramifications of, globalization, focusing in particular on the ties between economics, politics and militarization.


~ Alias

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