Sunday, February 15, 2009

The voice!

Since December 2008 I’m a mother. It´s a new wonderful experience. Every day I make mistakes and every day I get the chance to do it better.

A couple a weeks ago my little darling was growing inside of me. Instead of him, a little voice is growing inside of me now. And that voice is becoming louder and louder!

That voice is helping me to understand my little baby. It helps me to figure out what my little darling wants.
If he says `oegageheoooooaa` it means that he needs attention. Crying means that he wants to have a clean diaper and `giigigoguugouu` means he wants to play with Nelly the red Hippo.
`Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh` means he wants to eat.

In the middle of the night `the voice` is helping me to get out of my bed so easily to feed. Even before my little darling is awake!

That little that mine mother instinct? Sometimes I’m surprised that I was `you-can-do-everything anywhere at every moment- Sandra`.

Wow, it’s true I’m a real mother now. Yes !

Yes , I’m wearing track suits because they are comfortable.
Yes, I have sleepless nights.
Yes, I have bags under my eyes.
Yes, my freedom is gone... but this.... this is where my heart is.

Back from being away

Sorry people for not writing for a while. Being busy and a lack of inspiration to write made things a bit silent from my side. But inspiration has come back and the busyness continuous with a better overview, so writing stories for you people can start again.

With a one week trip to Egypt coming up, the first stories will come tomorrow and after my trip.

I'm looking forward to it!


Winner World Press Photo 2008

Following eviction, detective Robert Kole must ensure residents have moved out of their home in Cleveland, Ohio, 26 March 2008. Photo: Anthony Suau.
The international World Press Photo jury in Amsterdam on Friday selected a picture by US photographer Anthony Suau as photo of the year 2008.

Jury members said the strength of the picture of an armed sheriff moving through an American home after an eviction due to a mortgage foreclosure was in its opposites - it looks like a classic war photograph, but is simply the eviction of people from a house. The black and white photograph was part of Time magazine's Tough Times in Cleveland report on the effects of the credit crunch.
Dutch NRC Handelsblad photographer Roger Cremers won the first prize in the category 'Arts and entertainment stories' for his pictures of Auschwitz tourism.
All winners, click here...

Russia & Turkey Strengthening Ties

I usually stay out of commenting on the politics of my host country - it seems only polite, and perhaps there's a bit of pragmatism, too. And being in Turkey, well... The politics here are more complex that most give them credit for being. I count among my friends here quite a few who are very well educated, politically astute and aware and some who have taken part in various parties or movements and even they tell me "its complicated". So after all these months I still refer to myself as in the "gathering information" phase, likely to persist for several more years (decades, whatever).

All that said, I saw one announcement that caught my eye... Russia and Turkey are becoming closer - article from Today's Zaman reposted at Global Research.

Its interesting to me because as we watch the game being played between Russia and the West, this could turn out to be a very big thing.

As mentioned before, the West has long sought a strategy of surrounding and isolating Russia, militarily, economically and politically, going back to Napolean. In the Cold War, tensions ran high and the rhetoric of fear became very dangerous to all. And now, with the West ramping up in Afghanistan and seeking control of pipeline corridors in Central Asia, the Balkans, Pakistan and producers in the Middle East, the concept of "security" is becoming synonymous with "domination of energy delivery".

Its no secret that a big part of Russia's resurgence is based upon its energy resources and delivery capabilities. The West, through direct military interventions and NGO "economic partnerships" is seeking to marginalize Russia's growing regional influence, and thus preserve its own global hegemony.

If this partnership with Turkey plays out to be truly meaningful, it could have a profound influence in the East/West balance of power, and will capitalize on other recent wins for the Russian side in the FSRs. Whether or not you beleive that to be a good thing is another story - perhaps it comes down to whether you believe the world is better served by having a single power in the West (EU/US), or balanced powers between East and West.

I'm intersted in how Turks percieve this development. It seems the Turkish military has been traditionally more aligned with the U.S./West. What are the internal impacts of the government forging deeper alliances with Russia? What do you see as the primary motivations? What are the regional / global impacts? Talk to me...

Day Opening - February 15

By Belgin Zeytin (aliasjones girl friend)