Saturday, February 7, 2009

'defriending' or 'friending'

While Facebook has recently registered a trend of 2009 towards ‘unfriending’ or ‘defriending’ amongst a number of its members, another little-known software product is offering to do the exact opposite. It sets out to boost your social network numbers dramatically.
The commercially-available ‘friending’ software ‘Facebook Friend Adder’ is dedicated software that assists you to exponentially grow your ‘friend’ network with automated assistance. So much for “keeping it real.”
Writing in his new book ‘Cyburbia’ about online social networks, British commentator James Harkin picks up on this phenomenon and is critical of what he sees as “weak ties” being a “...recipe for a carnival of threadbare electronic friendship.”
Somehow you get the impression that consumers and end users of this software are more concerned with their marketing reach than meaningful relationships.
Anyway, I will delete my facebook account soon.

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