Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Turks are murderers (but I am not anti-Turkish) by Burak Bekdil

An excellent article.
I don't agree often with Burak his columns, but this one is an excellent piece; straight and direct.

The thundering Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was a near thing for Israeli President Shimon Peres. I do not want to think about the possible consequences if the two had met privately in a room instead of a panel discussion venue. If I were an Israeli politician I would never meet with Mr Erdoğan in person without a few bodyguards around.
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IAEA Dismisses Concerns of Iran's "Nuclear Ambitions" as Hype

In a lightly-reported on, but profound re-statement to the international community, the International Atomic Energy Agency (the world authority over civil- and weapons-based nuclear development) again repeated its stance that Iran's nuclear development is strictly civilian-use applications (less than 5% enrichment, versus 90+% for weapons-grade).

This reiteration is entirely consistent with the last several U.S. National Intelligence Estimates, a joint report of the 16 intelligence agencies of the U.S. government, including the CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence and others.

See the article here...

For all the hype created by the U.S. and Israel on the supposed threat from Iran, its important to note that other than the war with the U.S-backed, U.S.-supplied-chemical-weapons-wielding Saddam, Iran has not had a troop outside of its own borders in the last century. Sadly, the same can not be said about the U.S. or Israel, rationalized or not.

The IAEA chief also points out that Iran is currently the target of a well-funded covert operation of regime change similar to what the U.S. supported in 1953 against the democratically-elected government of the then prime minister Mohammed Mosaddeq, and further points out that Iran is currently surrounded by U.S. troops and nuclear armed nations.

There have been accusations - though no convincing proof - that Iran has armed terrorists.

Isn't it time we face the facts and realize that Iran is not a threat to anyone? They've been the victim of more than 50 years of harassment from the West, and 8 years of bold threats of war from countries which have proven their willingness to send their own to die, which is its own form of terrorism.

Perhaps they just want to be left alone. Perhaps the war-mongering regimes should leave them alone.

The former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, admitted in his autobiography that the war in Iraq was primarily about oil. Can we be so dense as to not see that the case for war on Iran is the same?



~ Alias

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