Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not enough yet?

I'm not sure if the food is going into or out his mouth; looks like he had enough...
Picture was shot yesterday in Philadelphia's Wing Bowl. A guy won by downing 203 chicken wings in about 20 minutes...voila!

Turkey: Stop Playing the Blame Game

The Turkish secular media and some Turkish friends are now slamming the West in general and the USA in particular for supporting Erdogan the last years. They argued if the EU had not supported Erdogan, he never was been able to act like he did this week in Davos. At the same time they argue that the ‘West’ is accountable for all the ‘religious’ mess in Turkey. And they tell me that Europe and the USA are hypocrites, first supporting AKP party and now condemning them. Ouch! My first suggestion to these people is; stop hiding yourself by what colleague writers are writing, stop burying yourself in books, stop concealing yourself by arguments of others; I’m tired of them who cannot even make up their own mind, and for sure not write a normal logical piece. Let me tell you why Turkey needs to take some responsibility:

First, not Europeans or Americans voted twice overwhelming for the AK party. Second, it was the AK party which made the EU accession process priority no. 1, not the EU. Third, when the AK party made sincerely progress in reforming the country during 2002 and 2005, the EU in general was pleased to see a country become more democratic. In contrary what the secularists did before 2002; a country which was ruled like most totalitarian regimes
(I am not going to write about the immense human rights abuses during all those years) But this doesn't mean that the EU supports AK party its domestic policy! Forth: not one country in Europe will happy seeing a candidate member turn Islamist. Fifth: more than a dozen EU countries simple don’t want a Turkey in the EU for different reasons; their objections are repeatedly over and over again put on the negotiation table. So, who is supporting the AK party and Erdogan? Most of the Turks! Not Europe, nor North and South America neither many countries in SE Asia since they have to deal with Islamists in many different countries: Indonesia, the Philippines, India, China, Thailand and so on. But one thing became obvious crystal clear: the performance of Erdogan in Davos is that of one who doesn’t know how to communicate, and that’s not a strange phenomena in Turkey. Instead of playing the blame game, build your country up, and do it with sincerely intentions instead of impugn others all the time for your own imperfections.

Day opening - January 31

"To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god."
Jorge Luis Borges (1899 - 1986)