Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Freedom of Press in Turkey ( By Mirjam Keunen )

In Turkey, prosecution for insulting the nation is almost an occupational hazard for journalists and cartoonists. A number of provocative Turkish cartoons are on display at an exhibition in the Netherlands. Afterwards the organisers hope an internet auction will raise money to cover the legal costs for these controversial court cases.

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a poor sense of humour. In recent years, he has taken many a cartoonist to court. But the deluge of court cases has not stopped the illustrators from mocking the lack of press freedom in the country. In one cartoon, Sefer Selvi draws the prime minister, dressed in hunting gear, shooting at one of the newspapers he has taken to court. His dog tears up another copy.

"As soon as cartoonists raise taboos like the division between church and state, the army, the Armenian genocide and Atatürk, the founder of the republic of Turkey - the government intervenes," says freelance journalist Mehmet Ülger, chairman of Röportaj, a Dutch organisation promoting press freedom in Turkey. He organised the exhibition The power of the imagination, which opens in the Press Museum in Amsterdam today. The murder of publicist and journalist Hrant Dink in 2007 was reason to breathe new life into the organisation, set up in 1996 as a bridge between journalists in the Netherlands and Turkey.

And there is morreee

Just Weird, Man...

This morning I logged into my email, and found a question from somebody I had met in a socio-political chat room... A really bright guy, and we enjoy swapping ideas. In response to his note, I went looking for the exact wording of a quote from author Tom Robbins - one of my all time favorites - on the dangers of imprecise speech.

When I do searches like this, I often wind up somewhere in either Omaha, Oslo or elsewhere... metaphysically, of course (I still haven't conquered the time-space thing, so far as I know).

Anyway, I found the quote below and thought "I'll let this be my post today on Internations." As I log in, I see Hans' post, and they are oddly related.

I love the way life works.

"Just because you're naked,
Doesn't mean you're sexy.
Just because you're cynical,
Doesn't mean you're cool.
You can talk the greatest lies
And wear a brilliant disguise,
You may never escape the eyes of the one who sees right though you.

"So you better listen to me sister,
Pay close attention mister.
It's very good to play the game,
Amuse the gods, avoid the pain,
But don't trust fortune
And don't trust fame.
Your real self doesn't know your name.
It's in that, we're all the same,
You know we're all incognito.

In the end what will prevail is your passion, not your tale.
Love is the holy grail, even incognito."

Your real self doesn't know your name... That struck me.

And of course "Love is the holy grail."

Enjoy the day, and rock on...