Monday, January 12, 2009

Shoe dropping in Pakistan

...something different than flag burning...and does this hurts?..)

Airport Micro Hotels Munich, Germany

Behold! The latest innovation for weary travelers has arrived. The next time you fly through Munich and happen to be at Terminal 2, head towards gate H32 and you will see two very interesting-looking cabins beckoning at you with their colorful walls and bright touch screens. As you shuffle closer with carry-ons in-toe, you’ll discover that your prayers have finally been answered.
The nap cabins (Napcabs) are private mini hotel rooms that were developed by five students for the 2007 Innovation Competition held by the Technical University of Munich.. For 15 Euros per hour (minimum purchase of 30 Euros/2 hours), you can have this travel oasis all to yourself while you wait for the next flight. Close the door behind you and you will immediately shut out the outside world from disturbing your alone time. A comfortable bed awaits you here, along with a mini work station containing two power outlets and a LAN cable to hook up your laptop to the internet.
Another touchscreen inside offers you a number of options. Two options: ‘Relax Yourself’ and ‘Activate Yourself’ immediately alter the room’s atmosphere according to your choice. A hidden mood lighting system by German giant (Osram) softly changes colours, while a Bach compilation begins to play in the background. Other options on the touch screen allow you to check the status of your flight, listen to music, or watch movies.

You can relax, take your clothes off, and take a nap. Use the touch screen to set an alarm to wake you up and birds begin to chirp at the appointed hour, alerting you that it’s time to get up and catch your flight. The walls serve to block most of the noises around you, with the only noticeable outside activity being the sound of other tired travelers, who have been lured to your cabin, and are mindlessly going through the touch screen outside your cabin before noticing the flashing ‘Occupied’ sign.
Napcabs is seeking investors who want to introduce the cabins in airports in their countries or anywhere around the world. Any takers? Napcabs are the latest innovation in airport relaxation from Germany. They are fully automated private 'cab'ins scattered around the airport ready to receive a weary traveler and his credit card.

Day Opening - January 12

Montmartre Sacré Coeur during a nice summer evening.
Olivier Ffrench (Paris, France)