Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some views of our terrace

Some Dutch friends came over last weekend for BBQ. Here O. with K. from Amsterdam.
We had our BBQ on our terrace, behind me (I took this pic) the part where we had the eat and drinking...

Earlier that evening; right in frronf of our building the beginning of our garden, which surrounds the whole building and here also our parking area. There are only 4 appartments, so enough space for cars.

Swimming pool next to our building.

Straight view from our terrace: 20 km away you see the hills of Zeraykay and just a little of the Bosphorus.

Right from us some new residential buildings. Very asymetric built, and in between some 'overnight' houses.

View to the centre left/left, a deep valley.

Just accross of our building an overnight house.

Exact view from the centre: the hills are around 25 km away. So a deep and impressive valley with thousands of lights in the evening.

Exactly a view to the left. Older buildings, Sovjet style.
All pictures made by a friend from his Ipod, only the first one made by me...


Claude said...

Beautiful view, terrace and garden. You're nicely settled in Istanbul, Hans. And thank you for the photo of your lovely wife. Why not one of you, in your old age? :)))

Rudy said...

Oh, Istanbul..! A few years ago we stayed there at a friends house, in Beykoz. Such a beautiful city, I want to go back! :)

Ardent said...

Lovely photos Hans.

Unknown said...

@All: if you can see 'the real view'..its amazing. Will soon make some pictures of our appartment and the surrounding gardens and swimming pool..)))!
@Rudy: Istanbul is extra ordinairy, vibrant but not reallly beautiful...many areas are such a mess..((
But it's an intriguent city...

AkiVee said...

Well, I enjoy my life in Mecidiyeköy with my girlfriend. It's expensive, but good connections everywhere. The flat is large, nice and beautiful. Didn't consider moving to Asian side yet:D BTW, how many city flats have a swimming pool in Amsterdam with the same rent level???:D In Helsinki you have to be a millionaire for such a luxury...

Unknown said...

We lived first in Macka, which we rented it now to someone else.
Tarabya is relaxing...and we got this appartment as a gift (5 years maried..)) of her family..))
Amsterdam flats a swimming cold..((
there are around 120.000 millionaires in NL....more than 500.000 semi millonaires but no billonaires in NL..)))
traffic in mecidikoy makes me crazy..((

Sher said...

Hi Hans,
The pictures are great! Your neighborhood looks pretty--and the views are spectacular!

I recognized those Soviet-style buildings right away...we have similar here in Prague--panelaks--they're everywhere!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

AkiVee said...

Hans: traffic in Mecidiyeköy literally kills me, better to live further away from the Cumhurriyet Caddesi, as we do:D

And we will never ever get gifts like that from the parents of my girlfriend, because they have never accepted me. They want my girlfirend to marry a religious-conservative Turkish guy, with "nice and modern" american haircut. Anyway, we have lived over 2 years together now, and the parents are hopeless:)))

Unknown said...

@Akivee: the father of my wife never accepted me either...
But he suffers from three strong ladies; his ex wife, his ex sister in law (not married again, still single and 55 years) and his mother in law, 82 and still travelling the world..))
Time for a BBQ? You find my email address on the front page of this site...we can exchange some things I quess..))

Unknown said...

@Sher: Praha 4, 5, 6, 7 etc are terrible..)) I lived in Praha 2..))

AkiVee said...

It's a deal, I'll write you Hans!

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