Thursday, July 16, 2009

BadGal Sounds Off: Do you think an 11year old girl should be called a Whore ?

BadGal Sounds Off: Do you think an 11year old girl should be called a Whore ?


Claude said...

Hans -
You know that I can't agree with this type of attacks.It makes me sick. But if you put one side going too far, you should also put the other side. All this started with David Letterman attacking Sarah Palin's daughters. In his monologue, he said that Sarah Palin's 14 year-old daughter had been promiscuous with Alex Rodriguez, during a game, at the Yankee Stadium. He was asked to apologize. He then said that he had made a mistake in the names. He was speaking about 18-year-old Bristol. As if it would be acceptable to insult the older one. This was not done on a blog, but on world-wide television.

I'm old enough to remember all the attacks on Dubya's teenaged twin daughters on the 1st year of his presidency.

Very sad that both sides revert to this low, common, malicious, unacceptable behaviour. But if you wish to be fair, you can't report one, and not the other.

I haven't seen anything here about Letterman's vile mouth, and his half-hearted apologies. You consider it OK that Palin's daughters be called whores on National television? Just asking...

I respect Internations. I would like to believe that it doesn't have a double standard.

All the best, as always.

Unknown said...

I heard something on Harrison his blog but didnt provide links since youtube is banned.
But there is a major difference here (both attacks are of course malicious): one is the president of the USA and the other brought her own children in the spotlight!
And besides all this namecalling, the attacks on Obamas children and family is pure racistic.
I didnt hear anything about the twin daughters and by then I lived in the USA...)

Claude said...

I don't see the difference. Both, Obama and Palin, brought their children in the spotlight in the same election. Palin lost. Why go after her children? They want to destroy her in case she might run again?

Whatever is said about Obama and family will always be called racist because he is black. And the many so-called jokes about Palin have been sexually demeaning and anti-feminists.

Re: the twin daughters. I don't know if I can find it on the web, but there were so many sneers and malicious hints about their nightclubbings and underage drinking, and unfair comparaison with the father, who had been, still is, sober for years. I'm surprised you didn't hear in USA. We heard it all in Canada. It was relentless for a while, and then, after 9/11, it disappeared. Sad that it took a horrible event to stop the malice.

If you Google Letterman, you'll learn all about his foul mouth. In any case, it's on your blog's comments now. Thank you for providing the space.

From one side, or another, it makes me sick. Either we ignore all racists, sexist remarks, and attacks on innocents children, or we show that all adherents of political parties are incredibly low, vulgar and cruel to politicians and their families.

All the best, always.

Claude said...

Dear Hans -
To be fair, I should add that the reason I appreciate Internation Musing is that you accept with much courtesy that a reader might disagree with you.

Once, on an American blog, I wrote the word "snigger" very innocently, and I was called a racist. I learned that in USA you can "snicker" but not "snigger." I'm still laughing...

All the best.:))

Unknown said...

Dear Claudia,
I cannot report all the injustice at the world..))
People can here criticize what they want, including me..))
Only we have a stalker here at the moment who is obsessed with 'dirty Dutch Jews' I am happy to delete all his one line comments..))!

Claude said...

Dear Hans,
I truly understand. I got carried away.:))
This was a case where I should have had my own blog to express my opinion. And you might have sent people to it.:))
Thank you for your patience. :))
I agree that senseless, stalking commments should be deleted.
All the best.

VLR said...

Yes, I do remember these malicious sneers at Bush's daughters. Anyone could smell my opinion about Obama's predecessor, but these things should have no place in politics. In fact it would be unheard of in Dutch politics.
Nevertheless these remarks about whores and monkey sounds are so sickening and racist; i'm afraid it says something about American Republican opinion about having a black president.


Claude said...

Bertus -
Only the low vulgar adherents of any party use racist and sexist remarks. I have a niece in USA, married with a prominent member of the Republican Party, a true conservative. Obviously they don't like Obama's politics but they have nothing against his colour. They wouldn't like it any better if it would be Clinton, as president. Many black people have senior, responsible positions in the Republican Party, As they did in the past.

It's the people who publicize the vicious remarks of both sides who play the racist and sexist games. And anyone can so easily fall in the trap.

It seems that freedom of speech is a lot more protected than the innocent children of politicians. In my maturity (meaning: old age!) it makes me sick...