Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day opening - March 26

Sleeping; whithout a home?
Picture made in downtown Prague
Photography by Belgin Zeytin


Claudia said...

Poignant irony...

Sher said...

Prague is full of such sights. It's very sad. There don't seem to be many places for the homeless to get help here. And not many places for them to sleep, except on benches like this.

The Czech Republic is a country coming out from under communism--and is very successful in many ways. But it still has a long ways to go toward helping those who are less fortunate--such as the homeless and the elderly.

I am not throwing stones, as my own country has a huge homeless problem right now...I feel for all of these people--here and all over the world. It is a complex problem, not easily solved.

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

AaVee said...

It is all about willingness to invest in social security, health care and aid work. Neo-liberal countries such as the USA and neo-liberal transition countries like Czech Republic both prefer to invest in other areas of development than caring the weakest members of the society. It is seen as unfortunate bad luck or your own failure if you are not successfull - however it is not seen as primary responsibility of the state to take care of poor people (except by delivering some free food sometimes).

You dont see homeless people in Scandinavia, because of the government policies, which make it obligatory for the state to provide housing, health care, education and social security for the poor.

Yes, true, we who work pay for the living of the poor out of our salaries, through income taxes, which are high...But, I do not complain about it, because if I had been unlucky, I could have been on the streets myself...I feel everyone should participate in helping the weakest ones for the sake of the development of one´s own country.

Well, many of my friends in Turkey (another neo-liberal country) cannot understand why someone who is working should pay so high taxes i.e. why should one care about poor and homeless people (the logic seems to be: one should just care about oneself, relatives and friends:)

La Mirabelle said...

Very interesting blog! I added you a while ago to my favorites :)

Internation Musing said...

AaVee; we have in the Netherlands simular programs but still homeless people since some of them are 'addicted' to this kind of life.
I agree, people and their governments need to 'will' and invest in these programs, but what if people simple dont want that like in the USA?.)

Sher said...

Great comments! Yes--it would be great to see such programs in the Czech Republic and the US. But in the US there is some fear of what many people see as socialism. Unfortunately, most don't realize we already have some forms of socialism in social security, medicare, etc. Plus, many hate the thought of higher taxes to take on the social problem of homelessness.

This is a very complex problem involving the psychology of entire countries, but it is great to see that some countries have a better handle on this and are able to take care for more of their unfortunates.

Have a great day!
Sher :0)

Internation Musing said...

Cher, what they call Liberalism in the USA is considered 'Conservatism' in Europe.
What they call socialism in the USA is called 'Social democracy' in the world..))!