Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I simple don't understand the Arab League

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas caused only the last 4 days more than 320 people their lives. When the truce ended on Christmas day, Hamas started immediately firing rockets into Israel. Of course, Hamas is democratic elected, but what if the PKK in Turkey was a legal party? How many people would vote for them?
PKK and Hamas have only one thing in common: both are branded by international bodies as terrorist organizations. And Hamas, with its extreme Islamist agenda, is in power because some influential tribes and gangs supports them, don't have my sympathy. And it looks like that the Arab League really, as usual divided, don't know what to do. They don't sympathize with Hamas either but at least they can use their influence - as far as they have influence on these kind of organizations - to stop Hamas. They were always as helpless and divided while the seat of this organization is in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, receives enormous amounts of financial aid from the Western world. To do what?
The PR campaign of Hamas, because of the censorship of Hamas, works well. So does their rhetoric.
But what the heck can you expect from Israel if Hamas started again using the population of Gaza as a human shield?
Two articles from a Saudi blogger give some insight. Here is the first post and here the second one. It reflects almost 100% my opinion in this conflict. Saudi Deist is through entrecard the guest blogger of the day on this blog. (see symbol entrecard on the right of this blog)

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