Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A molotov coctail with a Heineken bottle?

Instead of using an empty Ouzo bottle, Greek protesters are using Good Old Dutch Heineken bottle.
Time for a reprimand... you drink Heineken, but don't throw with the Name...)

Word/name inflation

Turkish PM Erdogan and the pro-Kurdish DTP accuse each other of being "Nazi" or representing Nazism. Who is wrong and who is right? Maybe both are right...
But I know one thing for sure, both don't know what real Nazism means.
As some people are using all the time terms such as 'fascism', 'racism', 'xenophobes' down here in Turkey, in the end I don't take them serious anymore. I call it, using such terms whenever you run out of arguments, Word Inflation.

Dutch threaten UN anti-racism meeting boycott

The Dutch foreign minister is threatening to boycott a UN racism conference if anti-Israel statements are not scrapped from draft texts being drawn up for the meeting.

Maxime Verhagen has told Dutch radio he "will not be involved in anti-Semitism" at the meeting next April in Geneva, Switzerland. Israel already has said it will skip the conference, saying it is turning into an anti-Israel tribunal.

In Tuesday's interview, Verhagen described draft texts for consideration at the meeting as "unusually poor and incoherent."He said the sole intention of countries drafting them appeared to be criticising Israel and condemning the West. Verhagen accuses countries of abusing the conference "as an anti-Semitic witch hunt."

As long as countries such as Iran, Sudan, Libia are leading the world regading human rights, simple boycot this conference.

And choosing Colonel Gaddafi to head a world anti-racism conference is like appointing a pyromaniac to be town fire chief. How can a regime that consistently ranks as one of the most notorious violators of human rights, a government that sentenced to death five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor only because they were foreigners and therefore easy scapegoats be charged with promoting fundamental principles of human dignity and equality?
But all Depends on how you define "anti-Semitism"

Just when you thought you knew all about anti-Semitism – turns out it means Arabs too, at least according to Algeria's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva.
When the Algerian diplomat, Idriss Jazairy, argues that anti-Semitism's definition should be expanded to include Arabs, who are a Semitic people, the director of the Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust at Touro College, Anne Bayefsky, shot back. The greatest source of anti-Semitism today operates "under the guise of anti-Zionism and anti-racism activities," epitomized by the U.N. Human Rights Council's disproportionate focus on criticizing Israel, she said.

Day Opening - December 17

Salvador Dali
Archeological Reminiscence of Millet's Angelus
1933-35. Oil on panel, 31,7 x 39,3 cm.
Dali -Museum von St. Petersburg, Florida, gift Reynold Morse

In the works of the Surrealist period, Dali treated those elements of disparate appearance with absolute realism which emphasized the proper character of each one of them, making an exact copy from a document, a photograph, or the actual object, as well as using collage. He increased the effect produced even more through the use of techniques stemming from the precision of Vermeer to the blurred shapes of Carrière. Once he had given an emotional autonomy to his protagonists he established communication between them by depicting them in space - most often in a landscape - thus creating unity in the canvas by the juxtaposition of objects bearing no relation in an environment where they did not belong. This spatial obsession derives from the atmosphere of Cadaqués, where the light, due to the color of the sky and of the sea, seems to suspend the course of time and allows the mind through the eye to glide more easily from one point to another.