Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anti-Muslim sentiment on rise in Holland

Note: Although the Anne Frank Foundation was founded to create awareness against anti-semitism, as well as changing exhibits that chronicle different aspects of the Holocaust these days it conduct also more contemporary examinations of racial intolerance in various parts of the world. It has become one of Amsterdam's main tourist attractions, and in 2005 received a record 965,000 visitors. The Anne Frank House provides information via the internet, as well as travelling exhibitions, for those not able to visit. In 2005, exhibitions travelled to 32 countries in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.
Read here more about Anne Frank House.

Violence against Muslims in the Netherlands rose considerably last year, according to the latest monitor on racism and extremism published by Leiden University and the Anne Frank Foundation on Wednesday.
The number of violent incidents against Muslims rose to 82 in 2007, from 62 in the preceding year. However the total number of racist attacks last year was down to 187, according to the 306-page report.

According to the Anne Frank Foundation, anti-Muslim sentiment has grown ‘significantly’ in the last year and public opinion about Muslims has become more negative.
The researchers also conclude that the stream of anti-Muslim comments by the PVV party, led by the controversial MP Geert Wilders, and the massive attention they are given in the media, have contributed to Islam phobia in the Netherlands.
The fact that the justice department decided not to prosecute those who made these anti-Muslim statements also played a role, say researchers Jaap van Donselaar and Peter Rodrigues.
The researchers also conclude that the PVV can be labelled as an extreme-right group because of, for example, its dislike of ‘strangers’ and the political establishment, and its tendency towards authoritarianism. The party also attracts more radical right-wing extremists, the researchers say.

Wilders is furious with the report. ‘They have gone completely mad. It is an insult to the PVV and our voters,’ he told ANP news agency.

-it's good to know that the PVV are not doing well in the polls.

A short update / Istanbul bloggers and one Photo blog from Argentina

Nevizade sok (street) - Istanbul.

Have added two more (expat) blogs to the Chain of Internations: one is a photo blog of Max called Istanbul Trials. For people who never been to Istanbul, have a look for a good impression of Istanbul. One of his pictures is the one here above.
The second one is of Tamra Hays. Her blog is a travel weblog. Living and teaching in Istanbul for a couple of months after lived in Cairo. Always interesting how expats view Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular.

Another interesting photo blog is of an Argentinian journalist. View it here.

Human rights in action at the European Court

Today the whole world commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you want to see protection of human rights in action, you will have to go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. A number of leading Dutch legal experts choose their favourite rulings.

The principles of the Declaration were translated into concrete law for Europe in the European Convention on Human Rights of 1953. In the past few decades the influence of this Court has grown immensely. Hardly a month goes by without Strasbourg reversing national rulings, changing policies and legislation.
On Friday, for example, the Court ruled that it was forbidden to store DNA material from citizens who have not been found guilty of a crime. And in the same week, the Court said a lawyer must be present during police interrogations.
And there is morreeee

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