Monday, November 17, 2008

Black economy saves Greece in short term

Economic Crisis? What economic crisis?
Seriously, I don't see it. This weekend I was busy getting trampled on by thousands of shoppers in the Mall, and the week before that, trampled on at IKEA. Meanwhile the TV, especially CNN is forecasting doom and gloom as Europe enters recession and pundits predict a drastic downturn in consumer spending. So as I was being whacked by other peoples shopping bags, all i could think of was, 'Hey, where's the recession everyone is talking about?'
Then I remembered that I was in Greece, and everything I learnt in economics doesn't hold.
Greece's huge black economy, estimated at 40% of the total economy, means that for the time being, people are sheltered from the big hit being felt in other European countries. While this is good news for the consumer, it is bad news for the long term and the Government. Since coming to power the government has made it easier for traditional tax-dodgers to evade tax, while passing on the burden to the one-fifth of the work force that is stuck with the bill. This has left the government in a weak position.

Greetings from Vassili in Athens

Some interesting facts about the Netherlands

“Look, the marihauna is just a tourist trap allright?.”
~ The Dutch on being considered high all the time.

The Netherlands is a fictional land from Peter Pan located in the far west of Europe, It is a Germanic state no matter how many Dutch themselves wish to believe otherwise.They are also the first country who were moronic enough to vote for Harry Potter as their president. It has been manufacturing wooden shoes and windmills for the world-market ever since the Dutch noticed they had ocean-front property, and realized that they could make money off of it. In fact the Dutch can be considered the most Capitalist race in existance, often buying and selling anything: From weed to their own children. The Dutch themselves are also famous for making the Major Germanic Evolution of switching from Beer as their primary energy source to Marijuana.
The People of the Netherlands are known as the Dutch, they are a very Germanic people with Germanic characteristics and German names. However they refuse to be known as Germans. Even though they display most of the common characteristics. (They hate the French.)they all were orange because they just got out of jail.
Because the Limburgians are exterminating the Dutch and because of the giant immigration numbers almost every citizen of the Netherlands is Muslim.

The Dutch themselves have for some reason or another fallen in love with the color orange, and make it a point to cover anything possible in that color (Traffic lights, Tanks, and foreigners.), you are often not considered dutch at all if you don't have at least 4 things in the color Orange on you at all times. The Dutch being the only Germans not to have embraced Red as the true color of a Reich. The Dutch are also unique out of all Germans in that their main energy source is not the blood of their enemies and beer, but Blood and Marijuana.
World Domination Plans
In August 1966, psychic and former mafia correspondent Luigi "Oh no, not again" Brachtzachztatchtull had a revelation that the Netherlands will take over the world. However, for decades, Brachtzachztatchtull's prophecy was disgregarded by other prophets as an elaborate hoax designed to brew anti-Dutch sentiments among Chilean penguins. It was not until July 17, 2006, that Brachtzachztatchtull's prophecy was comfirmed to be fact true by the Netherlands' prime minister, Jahhn Pyotyr Baelkiineondi. In the official press statement, Baelkiineondi declared, "we, the Netherlands, in fact do have plans for world domination, and all those other countries don't stand a chance." The world domination plans have not fully been put into action yet, but are scheduled to start in June 2009. By December 12, the Netherlands plan to control every corner of the world. Including Antarctica.
The new empire will be called The Netherlandss, with the additional S to distinguish it from the former country. Baelkiineondi made a press statement on September 4 concerning the outline for world domiantion plans, and the structure of the new government. Baelkiineondi stated that all this information is "strictly top secret and classified." He subsequtnly issued another press statement on September 5, which simply says, "Oops."
Tomorrow: The Turds of Turkije

Erdogan is Coming; Be Aware and Be Afriad…

Erdogan during bird flu crisis: 'I don't fear chickens'...

According Cengiz Aktar, ‘Everyone in the world was glad to see Barack Obama to be chosen as the next President of the USA and Joe Biden, labeled as the "Enemy of Turks," as vice president of the United States; everyone except Turkish politicians and "statesmen." The problem is, he may utter the word "genocide." Obama may also emphasize a democratic approach to sensitive issues, more than his predecessors. He may incline toward multi-party diplomacy, which Turkey does not like at all, despite being elected to the United Nations Security Council.
And look what is PM Erdogan doing last week in Washington: he warns the USA. Like he warned in fact each and all countries which criticized him. Internationally and in domestic affairs as well. But who cares these days about the Prime Minister of Turkey who defends Iran for it nuclear ambition by telling that countries such as the USA, France, UK, China, Russia, India etc. have first to disarm themselves before telling Iran to get rid of their nuclear programs. Yes, the Prime Minister of Turkey sees himself as a real peace broker. And deep in his heart he thinks that He deserves the Nobel Price for Peace and not all those lunatics who earned it the last decades. But can he make peace at Home? I have my doubts. He is flying too high above his own people to connect with reality. And his perception capacity is troubled someway, somehow. But how cares about the Prime Minister of Turkey with his dark sunglasses? Who tells that the Economy is doing pretty well, despite this, this, this, this and this. And Garanti Bank is supposed to let also 1.000 employees go. Yes, we takes the Prime Minister of Turkey serious these days...

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