Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dutch youth are spoilt but happy

Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are worried about 'the youth of today', according to a survey carried out by research institute TNS Nipo for the Volkskrant and broadcaster NCRV.
Some 66% of young people thinks the balance between rights and responsibilities has tilted in the wrong direction, according to the survey.
Parents spoil their children too much and do not teach them to take others into consideration.

The survey also says that 75% of older generations are not happy with the way children are raised. Happy
Child-centred upbringing has been the trend in the Netherlands since the 1970s as a result of smaller families and growing prosperity and this had led to a generation which is demanding and self-centred.

But Dutch children are also the happiest in the western world, according to a World Health Organisation survey in 2008. The report found they are the most pleased with life, get on well with their parents, have a large social network and like their schools.
A UNICEF report a year earlier also found that Dutch teenagers are the happiest in the developed world.

Virigin Imagery to Sell Used Cars - BMW: You're Not The First

Let’s be realistic: getting a BMW for a good price is like scoring with a beautiful woman, “You know you’re not the first.” But hey, not everyone is lucky to get first dibs on something so gorgeous. I am referring to the car of course. Focus your dirty mind!

Although the June 2008 ad is a bit unorthodox (remember, they are trying to sell you a used car!), I think it is wicked funny and I love its sarcastic tone. Kudos to BBDO Athens. The team includes creative director Theodossis Papanikolaou, art director David Kaneen, and a very sharp copy by Daphne Patrikiou.

In order to see how refreshing this ad is, let’s have a look at a very boring used BMW car campaign by Change Communications in Warsaw, Poland. The March 2008 campaign promotes that the cars are, “Barely driven” with the use of seemingly new BMW cars in the ads. One car had a little stone stuck to the wheel, another had a tiny splash of mud, while the third had a little bug stuck near the headlights. Ummm.... so that’s how good these used BMW cars are.
The uninspired campaign is the work of creative directors Jakub Korolczuk, Ryszard Sroka, art director Rafał Ryś, copywriter Maciej Klimek, and photographer Peter Hetzmannseder.
If we combine the copies from both campaigns, we get something like: You’re not the first, but it’s barely driven…

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EU reconfirms foreign aid target

European Union member states on Tuesday reconfirmed their aim to raise their development aid budgets to 0.7 percent of GDP by 2015.

The 0.7 percent target was set in 1970 by the United Nations. But so far, of the 27 EU members, only the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg have met the target.
To keep the pressure on member states to meet the 2015 deadline, ministers have now agreed to state how they plan to increase aid spending when outlining their national budgets.
Tuesday’s meeting was initiated by Dutch foreign aid minister Bert Koenders who says the credibility of the EU is at stake because so many members do not comply with the 0.7 percent norm. "Our partners in developing countries should be able to rely on us to keep our word, even in hard times. Only then can we ask them to do the same," Koenders said after the meeting.
The EU spends a total of 45 billion euros on foreign aid a year. Most of that money is distributed by the individual countries; the EU’s own budget is 6 billion euros.
The confirmation of the 0.7 percent rule comes at a time of increased political debate about Dutch aid policy. The right wing Liberal party VVD has called for 50 percent cuts in Dutch aid spending. Minister Koenders has said the idea is out of the question.

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