Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Integration course for free

The mandatory Dutch integration course for immigrants is to be made free for potential participants living in Amsterdam. The course has been compulsory for non-Western immigrants living in the Netherlands since January 2007.

At present immigrants have to pay 270 euros towards the cost of the course but Amsterdam city council believes this is one of the reasons people are not attending.
Some 15,000 people in the Dutch capital were expected to register for the course this year but only 4,000 have done so.
The city council decided on Thursday to make the course free of charge in the hope that that this will encourage a bigger take up which has been low throughout the country.
In the future, non-Western immigrants will not be given a residency permit unless they have completed the course.

Day opening - November 1

Paintings from Movies: Notting Hill

La Mariée by Marc Chagal

In the 1999 film Notting hill, Julia Robert's character Anna Scott sees a print of La Mariée in the home of Hugh Grant's character, William Thacker. Anna later gives William what is presumably the original.