Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turkey: Sleep well Mr. President

AK parti nonsense

While the major world markets (was, and some still) are in turmoil, the Turkish Finance Minister Kemal Unakıtan tells that Turkey is the world's 'safe harbor.' He simply says: ” Investment would come, as Turkey's geography and other factors would continue to make the country an appealing destination. Chief among the factors making Turkey attractive, he emphasized, was continuing economic stability driven by a strong policy of fiscal and financial discipline.’ Does social and political instability not count anymore?

Here he forgot to mention that the IMF was so helpfully, and that foreign investments were the only and solid reasons that Turkey survived and was saved from a total bankruptcy in 2001!
More astonishing; the Turkish president, A. Gul, said in an interview with Der Spiegel: ‘Over the past six years, we have enjoyed an average growth rate of 7 percent, and this year we still anticipate that it will be 4 percent. We are also among the countries in Europe with the lowest budget deficits. Unlike many other European countries, we actually have fulfilled the Maastricht criteria."

So far Mr President. Turkey has a budget deficit of 140 billion USD... unlikely, countries such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary etc. etc. all have a budget surplus!
Sleep well Mr. President. But don't forget to pay your loans, period!.)

Obama - McCain; look who's is talking

The difference in generation!
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First Muslim mayor of Rotterdam will need to find allies

The decision by the Dutch Rotterdam city council to appoint Ahmed Aboutaleb as the city's mayor is a historic one. If his nomination is approved by the Dutch cabinet, he will become not only the first mayor of a major Dutch city with dual nationality - he has a Moroccan and Dutch passport - but also the first Muslim.

While serving on the Amsterdam city council Aboutaleb (Labour) became a household name. But since becoming deputy social affairs minister he has been all but forgotten. Directly after his appointment as mayor of Rotterdam, Aboutaleb’s ethnic background, religion and dual nationality were strongly criticised.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, who has often been described as a 'model non-Western immigrant', was born in the town of Beni Sidel in Morocco's Rif mountain region in 1961, the son of an imam. In 1976, Aboutaleb, his mother and siblings moved to the Netherlands to join his father who was already working in the country.

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