Friday, October 17, 2008

Turkish Novelists Lambast Government At Book Fair

Turkey is "guest of honor" at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair but top novelists, including Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk, are not just publicizing their books. They are shining a spotlight on their country's murky human rights' record.

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Pink Retro Restaurants

With no departure from his signature rosy hue, famed designer Karim Rashid’s design of the newly opened Kurve Restaurant in New York’s East Village certainly isn’t conservative.
Karim says he worked with organic shapes to make the space fluid and focused heavily on practicality, with comfortable furniture, effective lighting and quality acoustics.
Perhaps the most unique feature of the design is the new technology which has been incorporated into the space via the cameras placed over the bar. The cameras take imagery of people at the bar, and then an algorithm takes the real images and abstracts them in the hidden monitors behind the oval mirrors. They then become artistic video shows.

Day Opening - October 17

Marlene Dietriche